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COVID-19 District Information

The School District of Frederic continues to work closely with public health and will regularly re-evaluate our safety measures based upon updated information and guidance.  The provisions in this plan reflect our current reality, not our new normal.  We will continue to transition out of our health crisis back to our desired school experience.  And through the process we will learn, grow, and improve.
This information will continue to be updated as information becomes available.
COVID-19 Updates
Superintendent's Message
Vikings, our journey to bring students back to our schools has been long and challenging.  Today we opened our doors to all students!  We realize, for various reasons, some students will be learning onsite and others will be learning virtually.  Either way, we will continue to serve our students and bring them meaningful learning experiences.  Important student and staff interactions will occur in our classrooms, even while physically distancing as much as possible, and wearing face coverings. Our students are resilient and will adjust quickly to our new practices and protocols.  I have no doubt our students will meet, and then exceed, our expectations. 
Our District mission begins, “In our quest to Be Excellent in a changing world . . .” Given our current reality, I can’t imagine a more relevant statement. I am thankful for our dedicated staff that has worked tirelessly to help us reach today.  I sincerely thank our families for their patience and partnership during our initial closure, summer opportunities, and in anticipation of the challenges ahead. Our goal has been to open, and here we are. 
We must now focus on staying open, knowing our changing world will keep moving. With that, each day with students brings new learning and reflection for staff. Our practices will continue to evolve as we learn and grow. Stick with us Vikings. Today is a milestone on our journey, but there is so much more to come.
Josh Robinson