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Ms. Johnson
715-327-4221 ext. 2131

Hello Frederic Elementary Families!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Amber Johnson and I’m the Elementary School Counselor. I’m originally from Webster and am so glad to be back in the area. This is the beginning of my 8th year as a school counselor and I’m excited to be working at Frederic. One thing you should know about me is that I’m passionate about kids. I want every student to do their best and work their hardest at being the best version of themselves.

My counseling philosophy is that I am here to help every child. My primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal and social development of all students. I will be teaching guidance lessons to all classrooms and my goal is to know every child’s name by the end of September (yikes!).

In grades K-2 I will have guidance with a class every other week along with a group every other week. All students will participate in both guidance class and groups. The groups will be on a rotating basis so don’t be surprised if your child comes home and said he/she visited the counselor’s office. They will all get the chance to do that! Just like students get enrichment for academics, they will be receiving enrichment for social and emotional growth.

In grades 3-5 students will have guidance class every week. Groups for those grades will be conducted mainly over the lunch hour and will be done in a six week time-frame. If your 3rd - 5th grader is invited to participate in a group you will get an invitation sent home. It’s my goal to get to know every student because knowing your school counselor can only be a good thing!

We can’t forget about our youngest 4K-ers! Ms. Robin and I are working on a schedule to provide guidance as well. You’ll get a note home if your student saw the counselor for guidance or a group.

I also provide conflict resolution and individual counseling. If your child drops by to see me because he/she had a problem with a friend at recess one time, I will help your child work it out. If your child needs to see me on a regular basis, whether it’s for counseling or working on skills we would be in contact together to set that up. You are the expert on your child(ren) and I will be coming to you to help the students do their best. Please free free to reach out to me at any time.


Amber Johnson, LSC, MSE

715-327-5630 ex 2131