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Academic Career Planning

Students at Education FairWhat is Academic and Career Planning?

Beginning with the graduating Class of 2018, the State of Wisconsin required that all students in 6th through 12th grades complete a portfolio of work related to their high school academic performance and their career exploration and planning process.

Here in the Frederic School District, we are developing and implementing a process and series of experiences that each student will engage during Middle and High School. Our goal is to create meaningful activities to help assist students with the following questions: Who Am I? Where Do I Want to Go? How Do I Get There? 

As we look to create more connections between High School Academic Coursework and Post-Secondary and/or Career Goals, students will document their ACP journey in an Individual Portfolio online in Career Cruising. Career Cruising is a software program designed to provide students with tools, assessments, and record keeping related to their career exploration, educational planning, academic achievement, and personal reflections related to these processes. 

For more information on Why the ACP Matters, check out this short video produced by Wisconsin Department of Pupil Instruction. 

Education Fair with KruegerLife After Graduation: Beginning the Planning Process for College & Career 

Academic and Career Planning can involve Career Specialists or College Advisors from our local area University of Wisconsin and Technical Colleges.

Education FairFocusing Now & How it Connects to My Future

Academic and Career Planning involves supporting our students to achieve at their highest level academically while in high school. Working hard and succeeding in courses that are challenging for our students is key in being prepared for the next step beyond high school, whether that's onto a four year university, a two year technical college, or direct entry into the work force.