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Brenda Martin

Hello! My name is Brenda Martin, previously Brenda Sommerfeld. I attended all of my elementary, middle and high school years in the Frederic School District and I am very excited to now be teaching at the Frederic High School. 
I started in November this year in special education. Prior to this, I worked at Northwest Passage, which is a youth residential mental health program. At Northwest Passage I worked closely with youth from greatly varying social, emotional, academic and intellectual levels. As a youth development specialist, I had the pleasure to work with children side-by-side daily. I guided them through daily living skills, through strong emotions, and through classroom and  work. As a case manager, I worked closely with the children, their families, their social workers, and their schools in order to assess and communicate their needs and to help plan for transitions back into the community. 
I am looking forward to working with the youth and families of the Frederic community! Every child has great strengths and I look forward to discovering them and then utilizing them to help them grow in the areas that they could benefit from improving.