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MS/HS Guidance

Increasing positive interactions is one goal of the Frederic 6-12 School Counseling Program.

Above: High school students, Grace Otto, Karigan Root, and Tessa Domagala help make the streets of Frederic beautiful during Community Give Back day.

The Frederic 6-12 School Counseling program strives to meet the comprehensive needs of ALL students through individual, small group, and classroom counseling. Our focus is in three key areas: academic success, post-secondary planning, and socio-emotional heath.

Goal areas for 2019: increase student participation in Academic & Career Planning, increase college application completion rates, improve literacy proficiency, increase school connectedness and positive relationships, decrease bullying incidents, and successfully transition our 5th Grade Class of 2026 into the 6-12 School.

Above: Students trying out kayaking at Coon Lake Park

During August summer school our youth get a chance to meet each other and form new friendships in a fun and relaxed environment.