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Referendum Updates

Over the summer several updates have been completed to both Frederic School District Buildings.
Over the last 30 days:
Art was hung in the Elementary Office.
Interior walls were painted in the 6-12 Office.
Cabinetry has been installed in the 6-12 Office.
A new front desk has been installed in the 6-12 Office.
The Floor of the 6-12 gym has been resurfaced.
Finishing touches were completed on the Technical Education Space. 
The paint was completed in the elementary cafeteria.
Renovations have continued in the elementary food service area. 
Renovations of Roots and Branches were completed. 
Elementary Student Service area renovations continued. 
In the next 30 days:
Elementary student services renovation scheduled to be completed. 
Renovations of the elementary food service area will be completed. 
Renovations will be completed in the 6-12 office.
Cleaning on touch-ups will begin on finished spaces.