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Superintendent's Office

joshWelcome to the Frederic School District!

The Frederic Schools are committed to our District vision, to BE EXCELLENT! With more than 100 years of graduations, our continuous efforts to seek excellence in serving students, families, and the community are part of a journey, not an overnight success. We have a rich tradition of effectively preparing our students for what comes next in their lives.  

For some, this may simply mean the next grade level or transition to the middle school.  For others, it's the consideration of higher education, the work force, or military service. Not only do we successfully build upon tradition, we understand the world around us is changing rapidly, which means we have to make necessary adjustments to maximize student learning.

With a passionate staff, supportive community, sound infrastructure, well-maintained buildings, fiscal responsibility, and strong partnerships, we can help our students excel in all areas of learning.  I am proud of how proactive the District has been in each of these areas over the past several years, and excited about building into the future.    

The most rewarding aspects of my job are:
*  Knowing students personally, and interacting with them in various learning spaces.
*  Supporting our teachers as they seek new ways to profoundly impact our students.
*  Partnering with community members and organizations to create new opportunities for our students.     

The Frederic School District is one of the finest in Wisconsin.  Our dedicated staff, and expanding opportunities for students, makes this a great place to be. 

I invite you to stop in and visit!

Josh Robinson
(715) 327-5630 ext. 1104